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The Neighbourhood Plan

The Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Tower Hamlets Council on 25th October 2017 after three years of public consultation. It contains planning policies urgently needed to address the intense development that’s already happening here. The policies include requirements for enhanced infrastructure and investment to support such a fast growing population, along with better construction and environmental management, better planning tools, rules for empty sites, and rights for existing residents. We are now working with the Council as they prepare to put it to a public referendum in the summer of 2018. If approved in that public vote, our Neighbourhood Plan then becomes official Tower Hamlets planning policy for the Isle of Dogs.

And while this is going on, we’re starting work on a much more comprehensive ‘long’ Neighbourhood Plan which will ultimately replace this first ‘quick’ Neighbourhood Plan. The ‘long’ Plan will not only address these urgent requirements, but will also cover a much wider range of issues to enhance our living environment, and we need loads of volunteers to help write it. So sign up now!


Isle of Dogs Population 2015-2016


Isle of Dogs Population 2030-2031


Population growth in next 12 years

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