About Us

The forum is composed of residents, businesses and Councillors who represent the area. The legal recognition of the Forum & Area by Tower Hamlets Council is here and the main paper is here. The Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Planning Forum is a resident led body that has the statutory power to write a Neighbourhood Plan for the Isle of Dogs. We were officially recognised on the 5th April 2016 by Mayor John Biggs but we are an independent resident led body that has its own powers granted through the 2011 Localism Act. The Neighbourhood Plan can set legal policies that will guide development for the next 15 years and its main objective will be to ensure that development in the area is sustainable, that it works for residents today as well as in the future. We are trying to make sure that public infrastructure like schools, GP surgeries, transport, parks and street lights are delivered at the same time as new residential buildings.

We will also be working with Tower Hamlets Council, the GLA & Transport for London on their plans for the Isle of Dogs. 
The Forum is led by residents, the Plan must be written by and approved by residents in a public referendum so if you want to be kept up to date with what we are doing, how you can get involved or when we are next meeting fill in the newsletter form to the right, have a read of this website or watch the video below. If you want to be actively involved please fill in a membership form at the bottom of this page hereMore information on our legal status can be found here

We submitted the Neighbourhood Plan to Tower Hamlets Council on the 25th October 2017. It is what we have been calling the ‘quick’ Plan. We have started working on its replacement the ‘long’ Plan which will go into more detail. We will in the meantime work with Tower Hamlets Council as they go through the steps required to take the ‘quick’ Plan to referendum in 2018. The Plan will gather material weight in planning applications as soon as the Independent Inspector has written a report as a result of the Neighbourhood Planning Act 2017.

The full plan and all of the relevant documents are on the Neighbourhood Plan page here but we attach below a summary of the two key sections, the Vision and Objectives section followed by the Policies themselves in one easy to read document.

Download File

Youtube link is here The video above was prepared by the Forum for government ministers, MP’s and local politicians to explain what help we need from them, more information here ncluding a full version of the interview with Mayor John Biggs.