Other Plans


There will be three separate planning exercises happening over the next year by three separate groups of people, all of which will affect our area. The South Quay Masterplan was finished in 2015 and will also affect part of the area (see page);

1. Our own Neighbourhood Plan, written by residents of the Isle of Dogs.

We wrote a ‘quick’ Neighbourhood to solve some urgent issues. It has taken longer to write then we would like but it is still quicker then a normal Neighbourhood Plan which covers the full range of issues. It gives us time to develop a full or ‘long’ Neighbourhood Plan and should go to referendum in early 2018.

We will launch its replacement the ‘long’ Neighbourhood Plan on the 30th October. This will take longer to develop and write because it will be much more detailed then the ‘quick’ Plan. Once complete it will replace the ‘quick’ Plan. We hope to go to referendum in 2019.


Below is a detailed draft of the kind of issues we want the long Plan to consider. We will discuss these on the 30th October so if you want to change, amend, delete or add to these chapters let us know.

We also want to elect new Committee members and find people who want to work on each chapter.

Some of the issues we want to look at in the ‘long’ Plan are;

  • How we can make our playgrounds the best in London?
  • What kind of community facilities do we want to develop?
  • Where do we build the 20 new schools we might need?
  • Can we have independent butchers and bakers on the island?
  • How will transport work when the DLR is full each morning?
  • How do we spend the tens of millions of pounds in developers cash?
  • What would you add?



2. The Isle of Dogs & South Poplar Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF). This is written by the Greater London Authority with help from Tower Hamlets Council and Transport for London. Work started in summer 2015, the first public consultation will start October 2017. OAPF’s are developed to encourage development in an area by delivering more infrastructure, see this page for more information. The OAPF area is bigger then our Neighbourhood Plan as it includes South Poplar as well.
​More information can be found here.


3. New Tower Hamlets Council Local Plan 2031. The last Local Plan was finished in April 2013 but the Council has decided it  will need to be re-written. The Council issued a draft of the plan on the 11th November 2016, which underwant a public consultation until the 2nd January 2017. The Council then undertook a 2nd public consulation called the Regulation 19 between October and 13th November 2017. Details here. It sets policy for the whole of Tower Hamlets.