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Public hearing on the Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Plan – Thursday, 10th May 2018

Public hearing on the Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Plan – Thursday, 10thMay 2018

Put it in your diaries now.

An examination in public has being called by the Independent Examiner of our Neighbourhood Plan.  It will take place on Thursday, 10thMay, starting at 10am at Jack Dash House, 2 Lawn House Close, Isle of Dogs, E14 9YQ (at the eastern end of Marsh Wall), finishing at lunchtime.  Click here for a map

John Parmiter, a highly experienced Examiner, has been appointed by the Council to report on our Neighbourhood Plan as the final stage before it can go to a public referendum this summer.  He’s already reviewed the Plan and the submissions made during the public consultation on it.

The hearing – which will be conducted in public – is to help him consider whether our Plan’s policies comply with the regulatory and legal requirements for neighbourhood planning. He stresses that he is nottherefore assessing the ‘soundness’ of our Plan (i.e. whether our policies are good ideas or not).  Click link below for his own explanation of what it’s about.

Examiner’s Note for hearing

The main reason for the hearing is this.  The Council, the GLA and some developers have challenged our community’s right to make some of the policies in our Plan.  Policies like our insisting on adequate infrastructure to be identified and guaranteed before more huge residential buildings are permitted (this policy is expressly supported by Thames Water by the way – click below for their submission)

Thames Water submission to LBTH – 22 Feb 2018

; or that the £ millions paid by the developers to the Council for infrastructure to support their new buildings (known as CIL payments) should be spent here on our priorities rather than elsewhere in Tower Hamlets; or that residents should be allowed to vote on whether their homes are torn down for estate regeneration.  Click link below for the Examiner’s agenda.

Isle of Dogs – Hearing agenda

The Council knows how strongly our community supports these policies, and so we all expect a big turnout for the hearing.  It’ll be in the same room where the first packed ‘Ask The Mayor’ event was held early last year.  It’s quite big, but space is inevitably limited.  So please email NeighbourhoodPlanning@towerhamlets.gov.ukas soon as possible if you want a seat.

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