Please complete our Community Questionnaire below. It is the first in a series of surveys we are running to find out what local residents and workers think. It was designed in part by our consultants Plan Projects and AECOM. To do a proper Neighbourhood Plan, we need to understand & document the community’s attitude to the intense development underway and the issues flowing from it, such as the changing nature of the population and of housing tenure; adequacy of broadband; water pressure or other utilities; parking availability; traffic issues (for pedestrians using the streets, as well as motorists); delays for doctor’s appointments; and the many other factors that such intense development is bringing, and will increasingly demand.

Please also complete the monitoring information at the end, we have to prove that our survey has been completed by people who represent the area. Thanks in advance, for completing it. We will summarise the results in a few weeks time.

Survey is below or you can link to it here